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Unlimited calls & texts

plus 250MB of data per month

Just £36 for a whole year

No contract - No hassle

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*Can be added to any existing SIM too. Order in your account.

1p a minute, 1p a text, 1p a MB

One year of unlimited calls & texts

No you haven't misread the above. For just £36 you get unlimited calls & texts to UK landlines and mobiles AND 250MB of data per month, for a whole year.

Sign up now for our unlimited call and text for a year deal, and receive 250MB per month absolutely free.

Existing customers can add this Boost in the "Top-ups and Boosts" section of their online account, log in here.

Great value

No more worrying about the cost of calling and texting friends and family.

Join today for just £36. We'll send you a SIM loaded with one year of unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles and unlimited texts to UK numbers PLUS 250MB of data per month.

Complete peace of mind with our 14 day money back guarantee.

Deal rates

UK landlines and mobiles Unlimited
Texts to UK numbers Unlimited
Data 250MB included
Thereafter standard rates apply
Other rates View tariff

What do I get?

Unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles for a whole year

Unlimited texts to UK mobiles for a whole year

250MB of data included per month

No contract

No credit check

Order your Talker SIM

Our best deal ever

All standard calls to UK landline and mobile numbers are included for a whole year. You'll also receive 250MB of data per month. If you need more it will be charged at our standard rate of 1p per MB, or you can add one of our great value data Boosts.

Out of bundle calls and additional data

If you wish to make calls or send texts to non UK landlines or mobiles, you will need to add credit to your account by topping-up. The same applies for any additional data, or you can buy a data Boost.

Any credit added to your account lasts as long as your account is active, with no credit expiry period.

Automatic top-ups

Any chargeable calls or texts you make, and any additional data you use, will be deducted from your credit. Thereafter, to ensure you can always use your phone for out of bundle calls and texts when you want to, we will automatically top-up your usage balance with an additional £10 (charged to your card) whenever your balance falls below £2.

Our Unlimited calls & texts for a year - Just 36 gives you unlimited calls, texts and 250MB a month

Join now and start saving today


Wi-Fi & VoLTE calling

With Wi-Fi calling you get great indoor coverage using any Wi-Fi signal. VoLTE gives HD quality calls using 4G/5G.


Credit rollover

Your credit lasts as long as your account is active, with no credit expiry period.


No contract

There's no contract to sign, no monthly commitment and no notice.


Keep your number

It's easy to transfer your existing mobile number to 1pMobile.


14-day peace of mind

Try with complete confidence with our 14-day money back guarantee.


Superb network coverage

We offer 99% population and 90% landmass coverage of the UK with our 5G/4G/3G/2G network.


You're in full control

You have full control over the network features and facilities available 24 hours a day.


UK-based customer support

Our helpful advisors are on hand to provide both online and telephone support.


Full Itemisation

Every call, text and data use, all itemised in your account.

The best coverage and fastest 4G/5G

99% population coverage with our 5G/4G/3G/2G network.


EU Roaming

Take our amazing 1p tariff with you when you travel to any of 46 European destinations.


International calling

Calls to international destinations from just 9p a minute, texts from 6p each.


Worldwide Roaming

Roam anywhere in the world with our highly competitive charges. Details are available on our tariffs page.


2G, 3G, 4G, 5G

We offer 4G/5G at no extra cost, giving you fast mobile data, as well as 2G and 3G for those with older mobile phone handsets.


Data Boosts

Purchase one of our three data Boosts for even better value when using your phone to surf the internet or using apps on your smartphone or tablet.


Tethering allowed

Use your mobile phone to give your Wi-Fi enabled laptop and tablet access to the internet when you are out and about.


Best in class

We're ranked #1 in the Mobile Network Provider category on TrustPilot thanks to over 15,000 customer reviews.


Refer a friend

Refer a friend, family member or work colleague and you'll both receive a reward.


1 Year SIM Requirements

No need top top-up in the 1st year then just make at least one £10 top-up every 120 days.

1pMobile offers great value and great service

Read our great reviews

Read our great reviews