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SIM card

When you join 1pMobile, we will send you a free SIM card in the post. Our triple SIM has all SIM types on one card. So whether you need a standard, micro or nano-sized SIM, you can just pop out the one you need. In order for your SIM to work, you will need to activate it. Once activated, it will work in any unlocked 2G, 4G or 5G phone.

You should contact us as soon as possible via email, by using our online chat facility (You will find the live chat button on our contact page) or by calling our customer support team on 03333 442278, between 9am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. If you call from your mobile, you will be charged 1p a minute.

Alternatively, you can bar your SIM online. If you are already signed in to your account, you can simply visit the Bar/unbar your SIM page. If not, visit the Log in page to log in to your account and then visit your 'Network settings' page. Click on the blue 'Bar SIM' button and you will then be able to activate either the 'Lost' or 'Stolen' bar.

Online orders placed before 4pm, Monday to Friday, will be dispatched the same day. Orders placed after 4pm or at the weekend will be dispatched the next working day. We send all SIM cards by 1st Class Royal Mail. Usual delivery time is 1-3 working days from dispatch.

The PIN (Personal Identification Number) code enables secure access to the SIM card and network. So, if you lose your phone or it is stolen, you can protect it from misuse by using your PIN code to lock your SIM. This means you will need to enter the PIN code each time you turn on your phone.

When enabling SIM lock, your phone will prompt you to enter a PIN code. This can be found on the plastic card you received containing your 1pMobile SIM. Be aware that SIM cards lock after more than three incorrect PIN entries and your phone will display 'Enter PUK'. In order to unlock your SIM, simply enter the PUK (Pin Unblocking Key) code which can be found on the plastic card you received containing your 1pMobile SIM.

On some phones the only indication you get is the message "PUK Locked".  To then the PUK code - press on Emergency Call and your normal dialler will be displayed.  Enter the following code:


Replacing XXXXXXXX with your SIMs 8 digit PUK.  E.g. if your PUK was 12345678 you would enter:


This will reset the PIN on your SIM to the default code of 1210.

Log in to your 1pMobile account and activate your SIM by entering the activation code you received with your SIM card. The activation code is listed on the paper letter in this Welcome Pack.

The phone balance will say £0 until activation is complete, when your balance will appear. Therefore, you may find that you are not able to use your phone for a short period, (usually less than 1 hour).

Once you have activated turn your phone off and on again. It should automatically register on our network, listed as either '1pMobile', 'EE', 'Club', 'Plus', 'Orange' or 'T-Mobile' on your phone. If it doesn't, you may need to switch off the automatic network selection on your phone and perform a manual search.

If you dial 150 from your mobile phone, you will be able to hear the amount of credit you have on your phone. There is no charge to use this service.

If your SIM card is too big, it won't fit in the slot of your phone. If it's too small, it might get stuck or not connect.

Here at 1pMobile, we send out a triple SIM. The SIM starts at the standard size and you can push the card out to make two other sizes - micro and nano - to suit your needs.

If you keep the parts to the triple SIM and need a larger size later, just pop the smaller card back into the larger piece and you're good to go!

You can request a PAC code at any time. However, as soon as you transfer your number to another network/provider, you will lose any unused credit that remains on your phone.

You must activate your SIM within 120 days of purchase, otherwise your account will be closed and we will assume that you do not need or want the service.

If you subsequently wish to activate the SIM you will need to contact us on 03333 442278.

Transferring contacts to an Apple device

You can transfer information from your current device to your iPhone or iPad, even if you're coming to Apple from Android, BlackBerry or Windows.

Follow the steps below to back up your messages, email accounts, photos, notes, and other personal settings, and restore the backup to your iPhone.

  1. Use the PC software for your current device to copy your content to your PC. The manufacturer's website should help if you need it.
  2. Backup your contacts and calendar appointments to a Google account or Hotmail or Exchange for business.
  3. Insert your 1pMobile SIM into your iPhone.
  4. Download the latest version of iTunes to your PC from
  5. Turn on your new iPhone and complete the setup by selecting your language and country, and choose whether to enable Location Services.
  6. When asked, choose your Wi-Fi (WiFi) network. If you don't have a WiFi connection, you can tap Connect to iTunes.
  7. 7. When prompted to set up your device, select Restore from iTunes Backup.
  8. Connect your new iPhone to iTunes (on the same computer you used to back up your old device). iTunes will ask you to restore from backup or set up as new. Select the backup of your old device and choose Continue.
  9. Find out how to add your Gmail or hotmail account to your iPhone or iPad.

Transferring contacts to an Android device

  1. On your old phone, ensure your contacts are copied to your SIM card or memory card.
  2. On your Android handset, navigate to your Contacts application.
  3. Tap the Menu key.
  4. Select Manage contacts and/or Import/Export.
  5. Choose from available options (Import from storage, Import from SD card, Import from SIM card).
  6. Choose where to save contacts to (e.g. sync with email account or save to phone).
  7. Import will then begin automatically and will display how many contacts have been completed.

Transferring contacts to a Windows device

  1. On your old phone, ensure your contacts are copied to your SIM card.
  2. On Start, swipe across and tap People.
  3. Tap the menu button (3 dots) and then tap Settings.
  4. Tap Import SIM contacts.
  5. Once the contacts come in, the button will be dimmed.

Transferring contacts, files and media from a BlackBerry device

  1. Download Blackberry Link onto your computer.
  2. Connect your old device to your computer using a USB cable.
  3. Follow the steps provided on the BlackBerry Link screen.
  4. For BlackBerry smartphone users with BlackBerry 7 OS and later, you can switch devices using your media card.
    1. On your old device, tap Search and type "Device Switch".
    2. If you are running BlackBerry 7.0 or later, Setup will appear in the search results.
    3. Click Setup > Device Switch > Using a Media Card > Save Data and select Continue.
    4. When all your content is saved to a backup file, remove the media card and insert it in your new BlackBerry 10 device.
    5. When the screen shown on the left appears on your BlackBerry 10 device, type in your backup file password and items will begin to transfer to your new device.

If you are an existing customer and want to add additional SIMs to your account, all you have to do is log into your account area, go to ACCOUNT INFO and there you will have the option to order additional SIMs.

Any SIMs you order from within your account area, will be charged to your current payment method and these additional mobile numbers will be linked to your main account and share the same email address, password and payment method. (but will not share phone credit.) You can change the details on these SIMs when you log into your account if you would prefer to have separate accounts for each SIM.

In addition to this, you will automatically get the benefits of our refer-a-friend scheme for each additional SIM you add to your account.

You can order up to nine additional SIMs at a time from within your account area. If you require more SIMs than this please call our customer service team on 0333 3442278

1pMobile SIMs are compatible with any devices that require a 2G, 4G or 5G SIM.

Our SIMs are a great choice for IoT devices.

  • Trackers
  • Entry systems
  • Smart cameras
  • Smart watches
  • Electronic gates
  • Alarm systems
  • Home automation
  • and loads of other IoT devices

For more details check out our Not just for phones page.

If you lose or damage your SIM you can order a replacement.

Replacement SIMs can be ordered from within your account area. There is a £2.50 charge for replacement SIMs and this includes package and postage.

You can order your replacement sim here.