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Topping up

Simply dial 150 from your mobile phone to hear the amount of credit you have on your phone. There is no charge to use this service.

Top-up in your account

To add credit to your phone, simply log in to your 1pMobile account and visit the Top-ups page. You can add a minimum of £10 and a maximum of £50 each time.

Top-up by text

Top-up your phone at any time by sending a text message of TOPUP to 07950014111.

Texts to 07950014111 are free from your 1pMobile, from anywhere in the world.

This will top your phone up with £10 of credit.

You can also top-up larger amounts by texting TOPUP followed by the amount you want to top-up to 07950014111.
E.g. TOPUP 20 to 07950014111 will add £20 to your phone from your stored payment details.

The minimum top-up by text is £10 and the maximum is £90.

To turn this facility off log into your account and click on Your Settings. Then click disable.

Auto top-up

You have the option of setting up an auto top-up which will automatically top up your phone when your balance drops below £2. When a top-up is required we will collect your chosen amount from your registered debit or credit card and add it to your SIM/account. We will apply this a maximum of once per day.

Yes, you should be able to receive both calls and texts, even if your credit is zero. However, in order to remain a 1pMobile customer, you must top-up your phone by your next top-up due date. If you fail to do so, we will close your 1pMobile account, all unused credit will be lost, and your mobile number will be disconnected.

If you require a VAT receipt, just log into your account and go to the top-ups page. You can then click the 'VAT receipts' button where all your historical payments are shown. Just click on the purchase you require a receipt for. If you wish to print out the receipt there is a button to provide you with a printer friendly version.

Yes you can. If you place your initial order by Paypal, we will use Paypal to take future payments when you wish to top-up or if you set up an auto top-up on your account. You can change or cancel your payment method at any time.

When paying PayPal you will be requested to approve future payments in order to continue. You will need to click OK to this to proceed.

We will not take any payments after your initial order unless you manually do a top-up or have asked us to set-up an auto top-up for you.

If you want/need to change your payment details there is only one way to do it.

When topping up online:

This is the best way to change your details, remember if you top-up early you wont lose out as all top-ups will extend your top-up date from the current top-up date.

Go to the top-ups page and click the buy button for the amount you wish to top-up.
You will be asked to choose an existing payment method or use 'change payment method' to enter new details
Click on 'change payment method'
Enter your new payment details and pay for your top-up
Future top-ups will default to the payment you have just used

You can check your credit balance at any time by calling 150 from your 1pMobile phone. There is no charge for this. Please note you should NOT text 150 as this is not a supported service.