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Contract Summary

This contract summary covers the main elements of this service offer. It helps to make a comparison between service offers. Complete information about the service is provided in other documents.


Mobile voice telephony and internet access.

Speed of internet service

Mobile speeds and network coverage may be affected by a number of factors, including your location, device, surrounding physical features, atmospheric conditions and the number of people using the network at a given time. Use our online coverage checker to see what network coverage is like in your area.

GenerationIconTechnologyMaximum Download SpeedTypical Download SpeedTypical Upload Speed
3G3G3G (Basic)0.3Mbit/s0.1Mbit/s0.05Mbit/s
4G4GLTE Category 4150Mbit/s15Mbit/s2Mbit/s
4G+4G+LTE-Advanced Cat6300Mbit/s30Mbit/s6Mbit/s
4G+LTE-Advanced Cat9450Mbit/s45Mbit/s8Mbit/s
4G+LTE-Advanced Cat12600Mbit/s60Mbit/s11Mbit/s
4G+LTE-Advanced Cat16979Mbit/s90Mbit/s15Mbit/s



Your 100GB PAYG bundle costs just £20 a month and we will collect this automatically every 30 days, so you don't have to keep topping up.

With the 100GB data Boost you will receive unlimited calls and texts to UK landlines and mobiles plus 100GB of data per month. You will only need to add more credit if you want to make calls or texts to destinations not included in your Boost, or you need more data.
Minimum top-up is £10.
UK Calls: Included
UK text messages: Included
UK data over 100GB allowence: 1p a MB
Other usage charges apply, see our tariffs and charges page on our websie for more information.

Duration, renewal and termination

There is no minimum contract term. In order to maintain the service, you must top-up your 1pMobile phone/account with the requred cost of the 100GB Boost or at least £10 once every 120 days. If you fail to do this the service will be ended and any unused credit will be lost.

Features for end-users with disabilities

Communications in an accessible format. Text relay service with a 30% discount on calls using the service. Free directory enquiries. 999 BSL Emergency Video Relay Service.

Other relevant information

This contract summary and its Terms and Conditions are only valid for a limited time period. If we change our tariffs and/or T&Cs in between the date stated on this Contract Summary and the date you accept it, we reserve the right to withdraw it and offer you an updated Contract Summary based on our new tariffs and/or T&Cs.

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