Guarding your Gigabytes

The stats are in! And, while you can expect to spend about 3 years and 10 days of your life viewing and updating social media, you’re unlikely to require an unlimited mobile data plan!

Sound counterintuitive? Well, according to Deloitte’s 2017 Mobile Consumer Survey despite one tenth of us instinctively reaching for our smartphones as soon as we wake up, UK consumers use less than half of their total data allowance on average every month. That’s a whole heap of data just disappearing into the ether.

Yet to be convinced? Read on to find out why less is often more, and how much you really need when it comes to mobile data…

The land of WiFi

The universal access to WiFi in nearly every retail, education, transport and public establishment as well as nearly every home has pushed the need for mobile data further and further to the background.  Whilst it is possible to consume huge amount of 3G or 4G data there really isn't any need to.

The high data users tend to be in the 18-25 age category, yet a large number of these users are in WiFi flooded workplaces or college / university campuses.

Do the review

Before signing to a 12 month large data bundle or contract, try a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) or 30-day SIM and monitor your usage with one of the many Apps available or the meters built-in to your phone.  Once you have a true idea of just how much, or how little, data you use, you can get the tariff and bundle that keeps the money in your pocket.